July 2009


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$95.00 per issue per year

We are what we read. abc Viewpoint xyz is self-titled as: abc The Trends Brands Futures and Ideas Magazine xyz . The spine’s sub-title states the magazine is “A View of the Future That Will Influence the Design and Sales Strategy of Tomorrow”. Cutting deeper than the surface of buyer behaviorisms, abc Viewpoint xyz dissects new markets via directions of consumer psychology today. With so much information to deliver in one issue distributed bi-annually, the layout of the pages give you visual intermezzos for contemplation as well as a concentration of text.

Within the magazine, there is another complete publication anointed simply as “THE” magazine manifested by one of Europe’s leading trend consultants, abc The Future Laboratory xyz . All-together, editorial pictures demonstrate proof of their convictions supporting their forecasts. Paragraph blocks are reader-friendly since articles are vertically formatted. The hybridization of words is put together in a way that the mind is not accustomed to grouping together and lets readers exercise vocabularies to describe unique psychographic and demographic profiling articulated by their researchers.

Case studies have identified markets that translate into potential profits such as the Slash/Slash Generation, Rolodex Teens, and Culturepreneurs. Recent back issues include: abc The Future of Retail: Art, Shopping and the Lust for Intimate Pleasures xyz ; abc Our Synthetic Future: How Designers, Brands and Consumers are Waking Up to a Man-Made World xyz ; and their most current copy to date, abc The Eve-olution Issue xyz emphasizing what their analysts have tagged as the “AlphaFemale”. Subscribers may also supplement this reader’s digest at www.view-network.com and give feedback, since everyone has a right to their own abc Viewpoint xyz .

Reviewer: Glenda Ronduen, FIDM Library Staff Member