July 2008



Everyone knows that green is the new black.  Recycling, global warming, air pollution and other environmental issues are driving consumer consciousness.  The Daily Green: The Consumer’s Guide to the Green Revolution is your one-stop website for all things green.  From environmental news to the “weird weather watch,” The Daily Green has the information you need to be a more environmentally conscious consumer.

The site is clean and easy to navigate.  Daily updated content is available directly on the webpage or via an RSS feed for more tech-savvy web surfers.  The Daily Green offers tips and information in a variety of areas, such as the following:

  • New Green Cuisine (including recipes, a safe food watch, and "30 Days to a Greener Diet")
  • Green Homes (ways to make your home more eco-friendly)
  • Weird Weather Watch (a photoblog of climate change, with pictures contributed by readers)
  • Driving Directions (a blog about green commuting, gas prices, hybrid cars, and electric vehicles)
  • Current news, blogs, links and more!

Everyday, “One Easy Thing” highlights a simple tip you can use to become more green.  Want to learn how to charge your iPod with a solar panel, find an environmentally friendly natural nail polish, or why putting a cactus in front of your computer may reduce harmful radiation?  Tips and advice can also be submitted by users and contributions are encouraged.  One of the most useful features is the “Get Local Info” connection.  Here you can enter your zip code to find local temperature and air quality reports, and well as recycling centers, farmer’s markets, farms and food co-ops near you.  This feature makes it even easier to be environmentally conscious and support green businesses and practices.

This website has lots of information to offer, with more added every day.  Be sure to check out The Daily Green to see what you can do to help sustain our environment!

Reviewer: Rachel Clarke, FIDM Library Staff Member