July 2008

JPG2: JaPan Graphics 2


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According to publisher, Actar, JPG2 "brings together over 20 design teams, showcasing the evolution of teams from the first JPG as well as showcasing new projects, new teams, and the best contemporary design talents.”  It is a visual survey of the last four years in the area of graphic design and illustration.  The work spans a variety of concepts where overlaps are interesting, and common threads are apparent across the various topics.  The book is divided into 13 chapters, and shares concepts, such as:

  • photographic images and their collaborative nature with graphic design;
  • the visual marriage of collage and scenic, imaginary landscapes;
  • the interpretive potential of graphic design into objects

There are literally hundreds of pages displaying colorful and provocative illustrations.  Each page serves as the first step towards a visual journey where readers can discover the talent of the creative designer behind the eye-catching image before them.  Readers are given the opportunity to see and imagine each designer’s work space – an intimate snapshot of their everyday life, and the objects that trigger their imagination.

abc Spend some time browsing through this stunning collection, and prepare to be inspired! xyz

Reviewer: Lucy Bellamy, FIDM Library Staff Member