July 2007




Are you looking for information on international trade? Do you want to know the latest news from Asia, India or the Middle East? Do you need current statistics on health, education, agriculture, or finance? Are you interested in environmental concerns around the world? Then the Eldis country database has just what you need.

Eldis is a free online database with news, reports, and information about nations in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin and South America, and the Caribbean. Once you choose a region, you are taken to a page with the latest news articles and headlines from that area in all subjects. There is even an option to subscribe to an automatic RSS newsfeed—you can get the latest news delivered straight to your email or newsreader.

Choose a specific country and a more detailed breakdown appears, allowing you to narrow by subjects like health, education and the environment. Clicking on “online Eldis” will take you to full-text online articles, while clicking on the links listed under “other profiles” will take you to other authoritative websites with further information about the country in question.

So for all your international information needs, Eldis is your one-stop shop, because it aggregates news from around the world.

Reviewer: Rachel Clarke, FIDM Library Staff Member