July 2007

American Spa

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$29.00 per year/$48.00 Canada/Mexico per year

abc American Spa Magazine xyz is first and foremost a trade publication. However, even those who are self-confessed spa junkies like me will find plenty of interesting information in every issue. Multiple spas are reviewed each month complete with tidbits such as how many square feet, product lines, popular treatments, and even the cost of the spa are provided along with tempting photographs that will make you want to sign up for a nice long massage.

Regular features include:

  • Destinations
  • Spa Radar
  • Industry News
  • Eye on Cuisine
  • Last Word (Practical Business Advice For The Spa Owner/Manager)

Helpful real-world advice is dispensed every month such as a recent article on how manicures and pedicures are now a huge part of the spa business and often underrepresented. Another very interesting subject covered in the review of new or renovated spas is information on how the spa menu or treatments were developed. Looking for some great new products but don't have the time or money for a facial? Then check out the recent article on how the Red Flower Japan skin care line got their start and what shapes their philosophy. The newest techniques or ingredients such as pomegranate are reviewed so that you will be familiar with all of the latest products. abc American Spa xyz has something for everyone.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member