July 2006


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Infants', Girls' and Boys' Wear Review

abc Earnshaw’s xyz is a magazine geared towards a younger demographic, ages 0 -12yrs.  Infants, girls and boys benefit to this subscription and may even be overlooked as a Vogue for its outstanding tips on fashion. This magazine also offers tons of ideas for new and or existing parents on apparel and products. It’s a great guide in keeping up with today’s trends for your little ones. abc Earnshaw’s xyz Editor-in-Chief, Caletha Crawford, recognizes all the latest trends and all-in-one places for parents to shop.

Offering tips such as:

  • Coast-to-coast fashion ideas
  • Where to buy
  • Editor’s letters
  • Events and shows to attend
  • Global scope

abc Earnshaw’s xyz is a simple and definite answer to parents who are searching and or preparing to have their young ones current on fashion with tremendous emphasis from all over the world. Its hip, fun and a great recourse when starting a children’s line, giving a unique sense of style for all ranges and style setters to bring out through they’re children, both parents and children can greatly benefit from the tips given in this magazine.

Reviewer: Orange County Diana Rodriguez, FIDM Library Staff Member