July 2005



About.com probably isn't the first place that you, the reader, might think to visit when gathering information about architecture. If it was, I wouldn't be writing this review right? However, you may be surprised by the quality and quantity of information that can be found at abc Architecture.about.com xyz .

The design of the site is a bit haphazard and ad heavy, but after sifting through it expect to find great info under categories like:

  • "Articles & Resources": Look here to find information ranging from famous architects and buildings to different theories and design approaches.
  • "Essentials": Find out which buildings are the tallest in the world and using the Paint Color Guide choose the appropriate colors to paint a house.
  • "What’s Hot": This features articles about important figures or movements in the architectural field which are extremely concise and well-written.

The real bonus of this site is the sub-categorization of topics. If you visit the "Famous Architects" link under "Articles & Resources" you'll find listings for women architects and African American architects. When searching "Great Buildings", you have the option of looking through specific structures like bridges, castles and lighthouses.

Whether you have five minutes or two hours for architecture research, you would be wise to spend it at abc Architecture.about.com xyz .

Reviewer: Brian Seguin, FIDM Library Staff Member