July 2005

Garden Design

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Like Mary Poppins, abc Garden Design xyz is practically perfect in every way. The magazine is consumer friendly in that both the weekend gardener and the professional will find information and pleasure in its pages. It covers all growing zones, from Arizona to Maine , with advice in their regular feature, "Growing", for everything from cacti to rhododendrons.

Other sections include:

  • Décor
  • Style
  • Abroad
  • Dirt
  • Sage Advice

"Décor" gives examples of exterior decorating in various spaces -- courtyard, patio, even a driveway -- with furniture, plants and accessories, while "Style" gives you the sources of selected furniture and décor. "Abroad" is a sometime feature, visiting landscapes and gardens in foreign countries. "Dirt" surveys all the supplies a gardener might need, from books to nurseries to pruning shears and "Sage Advice" is just that -- a question-and-answer column.

Each year abc Garden Design xyz sponsors the "Golden Shears Award" for garden design/landscaping; both the amateur and professional are invited. Winning entries are shown in the magazine.

Even the non-gardener will get pleasure from this lovely magazine, full of glorious color and fascinating information. Again and again the photos and articles make you think "I could do that!"

Reviewer: Elizabeth Lady, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.