July 2005

The Journey of A Woman: 20 Years of Donna Karan

Assouline Publishing

  • 601 West 26 th Street, 18 th Floor
  • New York , NY


20 Years Of Donna Karan

Donna Karan is, without question, one of the world’s most accomplished fashion designers to date. She has revolutionized the way a woman dresses in modern day society. Through her dedication in simplifying an individual’s wardrobe options, she has solidified a committed clientele that is constantly on the rise.

abc The Journey of A Woman: 20 Years of Donna Karan xyz offers the reader a deeper perspective of what makes, moves and inspires her. Through the use of personal quotes from Donna, comments from friends, and a one-on-one interview, this book accomplishes to capture how a fashion star comes to be. Yet behind the glamour and the press, stands a woman who feels like all of us, who has the same insecurities as many others do and who has lived life for all it’s worth.

Filled with a vast amount of photographs, Donna shares both her personal and business life. From her travels to different parts of the globe, her daughter Gabby, her committed relationship with her soul mate who she lost to cancer, and a career worth a thousand words, abc The Journey of A Woman xyz spans decades, truly, a journey of a woman.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member