July 2004

ETN Textile Forum

Textil-Forum Service

  • B. Sterk Friedenstr. 5, P.O. Box 5944

49-(0) 511/817007



4 Times Per Year

41 Euro per year

This specialized trade magazine was created by the Textile Forum Association, founded by Beatrijs Sterk in 1981. Sterk created a special workshop as a training institution for textile designers, course instructors and lecturers in 1978. She has produced abc Textile Forum xyz in her textile workshop since 1982. This magazine maintains an exchange of information with over fifty specialized magazines and newsletters worldwide. abc Textile Forum Magazine xyz is available only by subscription or via special retail outlets.

abc Textile Forum Magazine xyz offers an array of excellent textile resources such as:

  • International reports on fibers, textile techniques, textile awards
  • Book reviews
  • Calendar of events of conferences, competitions, fair/markets
  • Previews of exhibits, fairs/markets, competitions, and conferences
  • Reviews of international textile fairs

abc Textile Forum Magazine xyz functions as liaison for Textile specialists and people interested in learning about contemporary culture in the arts, crafts and industry of textiles. abc Textile Forum xyz is an excellent informative and educational tool for those interested in obtaining a global perspective on textiles. With this magazine you will never have to worry about attending another textile trade show. Everything you would ever want to know is contained within the pages of this comprehensive trade journal every month.

Reviewer: Varinia Rangel, FIDM Library Staff Member