July 2003

Garden Design Magazine

World Publications, Inc.

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  • Winter Park, FL



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In the words of the editor-in-chief, Bill Marken, "We want to provide ideas for people who appreciate the pleasure of spending time outdoors, who want to combine the comforts and conveniences of the home with the beauty and soul-stirring qualities of the garden." That philosophy was felt throughout this colorful magazine. With articles as diverse as:

  • Creating a rooftop garden of moss, ferns and succulents
  • The California Poppy and its many varieties
  • Creating multi-use outdoor rooms
  • The garden shower
  • Choosing roses for a mixed border

Along with the many outdoor products showcased and reviewed, the "Horticulture Question and Answer" section with Jack Ruttle was informative and fun to read. Also interesting was the "Edibles" article called "Tasty Shoots", which included photos of various types of scallions, "…slender, undeveloped white (or red) bulbs that grow into a long tuft of hollow greens-they’re also called Spring onions, green onions, bunching onions, Welsh onions or table onions." The accompanying recipe for scallion and chive crepes got my taste buds soaring.

The article called "Style and Sustenance" informs us how to combine plants in an artful way. The vegetable plants in your garden need to be relegated to a certain space or lined up in a row, but can be incorporated into the total garden design. To this reviewer, it’s quite inspiring not only to admire the beautiful gardens in abc Garden Design xyz , but to feel that I can go home and try these ideas in my own garden. As Bill Marken puts it, "The best gardens we see are designed not just to be looked at but to be used."

Reviewer: Cynthia Aaron, FIDM Library Staff Member