July 2002


Purple Institute

  • 9, Rue Pierre Dupont 75010


40 euros (approx. $37.00) per year

A Mix Of Fashion, Interviews, Portraits, Interiors, Fiction and Beauty...

abc Purple xyz magazine grabs your attention with a photo essay at the beginning of each issue. Designer clothes are presented in a non-traditional manner and the images are meant to invoke emotions beyond the normal response to representations of clothing. The most striking difference is that the models resemble "everyday people," thus putting the spotlight firmly on each garment.

Even the advertisements fit seamlessly into the artfully done layout. They don't dominate the content as they do in mainstream magazines. abc Purple xyz content ranges from essays on various aspects of fashion and life to fiction, to drawings, to photo essays. The content is diverse and intriguing.

Though abc Purple xyz is published overseas, the majority of the content is written in English. The photography is some of the most creative and innovative in any publication. abc Purple xyz magazine is great for anyone who wants to escape the mainstream fashion magazine content. It is an intellectual, enjoyable foray into high fashion.

Reviewer: Robin Dodge., FIDM Library Staff Member