January 2013


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Starz / Anchor Bay

Run Time 116.0

Desperate times calls for a hip wardrobe! Lawless is a film based on a true story from the book, "The Wettest County in the World," by Matt Bondurant. In Lawless Tom Hardy delivers a strong yet charismatic performance as Forrest Bondurant one of three brothers who together become infamous for their backwoods bootlegging operation during the prohibition era.

Forrest has an "urban country" sense of style that mirrors the context of the film where city and rural forces collide. He dons a fedora hat which covers his slick hair (long on the top, and high and tight on the sides), a woven shirt buttoned at the collar, vest, dark slacks, neutral colored wing tips, and a heather grey cardigan. The cardigan is a staple in the hipster wardrobe. Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain made cardigans cool in the '90s, but these days recession era hipsters are taking style cues from depression era anti-heroes. Guy Pearce plays Charlie Rakes, the corrupt deputy from the big city. Charlie personifies "villain chic", impeccably dressed in perfectly tailored three-piece double-breasted suits complete with bow tie and signature grey gloves to keep his hands blood-free. Hardy and Pearce’s performances overshadow that of Shia LaBeouf who plays Hardy’s sensitive younger brother Jack Bondurant. Jessica Chastain plays the reformed show girl Maggie Beauford while Mia Wasikowska plays Bertha Minnix the impressionable preacher’s daughter.

Lawless is not for the faint of heart. The film features a couple of disturbing scenes, but if you are looking for a good story with style and standout performances, check it out. I dare you to not cheer on Tom Hardy and despise Guy Pearce!

Reviewer: Jesse Negrete, Reference & Student Services Specialist FIDM San Diego Campus