January 2013

WeAr Global Magazine

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45 Euro per year

WeAr magazine isn’t just another pretty trend book, it is paean to the most clever and cutting edge fashion designers on Earth. The 04/2012 issue jumps right into a clean and ecstatic overview of extremities. This is a big magazine (9 5/8" x 13 3/8") offering vista-views of the blacks and whites that will predominate in the upcoming year. Each product is treated reverently with its very own page of exhibition within WeAr’s Look Book. Eurochic aesthetics alternate with hardcore funk, endowing the viewer with a versatile palette. Blacks and whites jolt into vital primary colors and jumpy prints on silhouettes that stay streamlined throughout the Look Book.

In addition to the highly informative and inspiring Look Book, WeAr also keeps us abreast of intriguing runway shows, anime as fashion, and riveting retail ambiances; is even a tribute to Madame Grès.

WeAr is a must-have acquisition for your fashion library if you are hungry for innovation rather than mainstream oeuvres.