January 2012

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When it’s cold and gray, I reach for Vogue Australia, which celebrates its summer when we are wearing beanies and thick socks. The January 2012 issue features model Karmen Pedaru kneeling, elbows akimbo, in a cobalt blue Norma Kamali ruched swimsuit, sporting armfuls of modern gold jewelry. Last month’s cover starred Australian actress Isabel Lucas donning Louis Vuitton and Africa-inspired jewelry in the Kalahari Desert. The magazine’s editorials are consistently upbeat and colorful, curating the latest runway creations from the Northern Hemisphere for fashionable Aussies. If you’re planning a beach getaway and don’t know what to pack, consider Australian Vogue your guide.

I started paying more attention to Vogue Australia after seeing a gorgeous, sprawling, eastern–influenced fashion editorial in its April 2011 issue. All of the international Vogues excel in this regard, but there was something extra–special about this one, styled by fashion editor Meg Gray. The makeup, hair, and styling transport you to a different time and place. Gray just might become the new Grace Coddington, albeit with hot pink hair rather than red.

The Editor’s Letter by Kirstie Clements recommends shopping your own wardrobe to create new outfits for the upcoming new year, by bravely combining colors, pulling out forgotten "it" bags, adding new shoes like inexpensive espadrilles, and bold costume jewelry to modernize old outfits. Other magazine staff members recommend wearing kerchiefs like they did on the runway at Marc Jacobs, and for men, sporting lighter colors and fabrics in the summer, as seen at the Lanvin menswear show.

The magazine isn’t focused purely on fashion, but rather on a woman’s lifestyle, including health, well-being, and career. One article in particular advises readers to learn how to acknowledge and articulate their strengths and achievements so as to develop and project confidence. Another article touches on the divisive issue of plastic surgery. While growing numbers of women are celebrating "overtly fake femininity", others, including several academics, warn that young girls may stop feeling attractive the way that they are.

Sunshine seems to radiate out of Vogue Australia’s pages. Seek it out if you want to see exuberant color, exquisitely styled fashion editorials, and articles that will make you think, at least about what color espadrilles to buy.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Kirstie Harless, – San Francisco