January 2012

The A- Z of Visual Ideas: How to Solve any Creative Brief

Laurence King Publishing Ltd

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  • London , UK

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Back in the day, design for the public was known as commercial art made by those we today call graphic designers. Author John Ingldew breaks down the chain and finds that the common link in visual communication is communication. Creative people, "—artists, graphic designers, illustrators, typographers, photographers, film-makers, writers, musicians, directors, magazine designers, exhibition designers, product designers, interior designers, costume designers, retail designers, set designers…" can indulge in many disciplines as they explore their talents. The A–Z of Visual Ideas: How to Solve any Creative Brief provides a creative toolbox suggesting an alphabet of ideas for handling projects that require thinking outside of the box.

In an effort to unleash results from creative thought, the author gives tips on engaging an audience: 1) switch the viewers’ mindset 2) ambush their minds with fresh and exciting visuals 3) brainjack the audience. This verb is introduced and used in examples throughout, suggesting the power of design to transmit or reveal information.

As promised, strategies for solving a creative brief are explained in multiple stages. Continuously developing intuitive responses, exercising visualization, being knowledgeable about subjects, and identifying with your audience keeps one on point. With time being a precious commodity, this book quickly stimulates creativity from "A as in Art" to "Z as in Zeitgeist," as it connects us to historical and contemporary themes that capture the essence of now.

Gain insight and inspiration on how to get your message across. Remember: "the medium is the message."

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Glenda Ronduen