January 2011

Isabella Blow


  • 500 Fifth Avenue
  • New York , NY


Blurring the lines between textile sculptures and fashion, Cave is a former dancer who now focuses on visual and performance art. abc Meet Me at the Center of the Earth xyz documents Cave's recent exhibition at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Full page photographs give the reader a magnified look at his intricate handiwork which includes floral embroidery, patchwork, piles of sequins, feathery fringe, and tiers of sticks and wooden trinkets. The images alone make this book an inspirational read for any artist, no matter the medium.

Most notable are Cave's "Soundsuits" - mixed-media bodysuits that cover the performer from head to toe. While the artist is in motion, the suit makes noise! Many of his suits are dripping with sequins, while others are covered in DayGlo-dyed human hair. The author adorned one suit with pompom fringe made of plastic bags! Regardless of theme or materials used, each suit is ornately finished with immaculate detail. Cave was inspired by ceremonial costume and rituals, particularly in Africa, but his suits have also been compared to haute couture.

Cave's Soundsuits were highlighted by WGSN in their Autumn/Winter 2010 trend forecast and again referenced in a Spring/Summer 2011 Inspiration report. In 2010, his celebrated wearable sculptures hit the pages of the esteemed September issue of abc Vogue. xyz

Reviewer: Brittany Austin, FIDM Library Staff Member