January 2010



Many people are not aware of the kind of effort, planning, and resourcefulness required of a stylist. The images of celebrities we see walking the red carpet are carefully orchestrated, and the best way to appreciate the kind of talent this requires is to try it yourself–for free, of course. Shopstyle.com calls itself “a search engine for fashion” but luckily, it offers plenty of other features, mostly through an active community of users.

You can:

  • Search all your favorite online shops (including children’s wear and items for the home) in one place by designer, brand, store, sale items, price point, and color.
  • Shop for yourself, create a challenge to share with others or take on a challenge someone else has posted.
  • Pull the items you like together to create a look.
  • Keep to your budget easily with the way the price and info on each item pops up as you hover over it–or pretend there is no budget and you're dressing a starlet.
  • Save the look to your profile, share it with groups and get feedback on your choices - or share the look on your blog.

Many looks have all the beauty and accessory details worked out. Even if Natalie Portman won't be wearing your look to her next movie premiere, the ratings and comments for each look help gauge its success. Sending traffic to shopstyle.com that drives sales through their site creates the kind of clout that may just get an influential fashion blogger a front row seat at a runway show. The site can also be an incredibly personal tool for self-expression, allowing for conceptual work without the annoying limits reality imposes on shopping (“What would I wear tonight if money were no object?” or “I need to see every single blue sweater available!”) Some groups are very active and help dress each other for events.

Reviewer: Caroline Bautista, FIDM Library Staff Member