January 2009

Retail Traffic

Penton Media

  • 249 West 17th Street, Third Floor
  • New York, NY



Looking for an industry trade publication that aims to keep businesses in the fast lane of a slowing business market? Then take a spin through your campus library and introduce yourself to abc Retail Traffic xyz ! With a diverse readership of industry professionals that range from, “developers, owners, retailers, brokers, architects, lenders and other real estate services”, abc Retail Traffic xyz is a title you can depend on to deliver insight into both the current and future economic trends of retail real estate.

Each issue presents information packaged into one of four sections:

  • Departments - Includes editorials and industry stats with this months issue reporting on the occupancy and vacancy rates in malls over the last decade.
  • Traffic Reports - A monthly report that features an aspect of the industry and its current and future impact on the business market.
  • Features - Articles range from business on Wall Street to demographic and psychographic consumer profiles. This months issue has a terrific feature on the increase traffic and sales at budget chains as consumers look to cut costs and increase savings.
  • Management Office - Covers emerging trends in the aspects of management as well as a Q&A with an industry professional.

The content of each issue, and your subsequent access to, is not solely limited to the printed page. abc RetailTraffic.com xyz offers access to the same information, either through its archive or get-it-when-its-posted RSS feed. Additionally, even more original content is generated daily via a blog. Subscriptions are free, for either version, so take advantage and see how abc Retail Traffic xyz can help you avoid the gridlock of a slowing economy!

Reviewer: Brian Seguin, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.