January 2009

Textiles Now

Laurence King Publishers

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abc Textiles Now xyz contains a wide selection of mostly three-dimensional contemporary textile designs. With the steady rise of arts and crafts in the last decade, artists with a variety of novelty items and ideas have infiltrated our culture. Numerous links on the web are dedicated to a network of artists who practice creating through different media. Some of us are aware of sites that host specific genres and highlight the most innovative submissions. abc Textiles Now xyz is as such where artists and designers from around the world entered their pieces to the author slash BA Surface Design senior lecturer, Drusilla Cole, from the University of the Arts in London.

The featured textiles had been produced using a wide range of traditional and experimental techniques. The factors for consideration to be printed on the pages of this kaleidoscopic book: use of color, pattern or texture, or in their emphasis on exploring technical boundaries. Many pieces are concerned with issues of sustainability and use of natural dyes, recycled fibers, or eco-friendly methods in their production. The contents are divided by three main categories: 1) constructed textiles; 2) dyed, painted, and printed; 3) mixed media and stitched.

Images from works selected are followed by snippets of hindsight information on the individual artists. Read about their inspirations, methods or working, and choice of materials. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for those of us with more curiosity can read the fine detail.

Reviewer: Glenda Ronduen, FIDM Library Staff Member