January 2008



Do you have a business idea for the web but are unsure financially of how you might go about getting it off the ground? Look no further than abc CommerceNet xyz , a group venture that specializes in taking a great idea and helping you make it a reality.  Founded in 1994 by web guru Dr. Jay M. Tenenbaum, the pioneer of secure pay methods via the internet (i.e. https), abc CommerceNet xyz is focused towards:

"...building a balanced portfolio of initiatives: long-term and short, high-risk and sure thing, never-been-tried and retried at the right time, too theoretical to work and so obvious it must have been tried long ago. We're looking for ideas that fulfill the promise of the Internet.".

abc CommerceNet xyz strives to impact the internet by:

  • Tapping collective intelligence to solve problems and improve decision-making.
  • Redefining processes to put more intelligence into software.
  • Dramatically lowering transaction costs creating new categories of products and services.

Scrolling through their website you can see the success they've helped others achieve.   abc Stirr.net xyz is a San Francisco based site that helps facilitate relationships between entrepreneurs and the people and resources they need in order to be successful.  They do this by offering an audience of professionals who will give you feedback and advice on fine tuning your pitch along with many other services.  Another site, abc PeopleLikeMe.com xyz , is community oriented and allows users to communicate with other individuals who are dealing with similar life threatening illnesses.

Whether it’s business or relationships, abc CommerceNet xyz is helping making a positive impact on the internet.  If you've got an idea for a web business, keep it to yourself no longer.  This website could help you move that idea from concept to reality!

Reviewer: Brian Seguin, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.