January 2007



Three is the magic number to remember for the ASR tradeshow.  Three letters that stand for Action Sports Retailer, three times a year, and for each event three days of active wear in Southern California.  ASR is approaching its 25th anniversary that showcases the ever-expanding sportswear market for apparel and accessories.  Attendees include more than 5000 action sports brands and nearly 7,000 retail buyers, with spring/ summer shows in San Diego, fall previews in Huntington Beach, and also caters a holiday market in Newport Beach. 

The ASR Fact Sheet states that this industry event provides and organizes a venue for buyers and manufacturers to meet, sell, buy, exchange ideas, market and network.  This convention also offers insight on what trends are happening in urban and street wear apparel and is open to explore other markets such as motocrossing.  Youth culture products and services reflect popular recreational and professional sports such as surfing, skating, swimming, and snowboarding.  With the increase of conscientiousness about wellness, the benefits of physical fitness and lifestyle practice, ASR provides the largest tradeshow of its kind featuring established and emerging brands this side of the West Coast from national as well as international companies.

ASR is endorsed by Surf Industry manufacturers Association (SIMA) and International Association of Skateboard Manufacturers (IASC).  Past exhibitions have included skate and motocross demos, fashion shows, DJ appearances, and premieres for films relative to this specialty market.  Visit their website to view calendar dates, event information, ASR lineups, press releases and more.

Reviewer: Glenda Ronduen, FIDM Library Staff Member