January 2007

Domino Magazine- the guide to living with style

Conde Nast

  • 4 Times Square
  • New York, NY

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10 times per year

$12.00 per year per year

abc Domino Magazine xyz is for anyone interested in interior decorating and living with a touch of pizzazz! Considerably unpretentious, this magazine is geared towards aspiring decorators, weekend renovators and home entertaining enthusiasts. Anyone familiar with abc Domino’s xyz sister publication, abc Lucky Magazine xyz , will recognize the comfortable vibe felt throughout this magazine as well. Peppered with fun, quirky, and definitely one-of-a-kind ideas for living, gifting, and entertaining,   abc Domino Magazine xyz is specifically for someone who appreciates craftsmanship but isn’t afraid of mixing luxe museum pieces with garage sale treasures or found objects.

abc Domino xyz encompasses all aspects of living, including helpful ideas for entertaining. What better way to show off your jewel of a home than with a party? Included in each issue are tips on being the perfect hostess/host. Menu suggestions, even a few simple recipes, are snuck into pages showcasing some of the newest kitchen and dining gadgets.

Things that set abc Domino Magazine xyz apart from the rest:

  • Home decorating ideas to fit various tastes, budgets, and square footage
  • Inspiring color combinations and guides to help you pick the right paint shades
  • Renovators Notebook section- the essential, overlooked pieces in home design
  • HOW-TOs – for amateur decorators and refurbishers this is a must read. Included are instructions, the components necessary, and how much the project may cost.
  • The best for last: abc Domino xyz Deals. Find great discounts just for reading abc Domino. xyz But get your deals why they last! Retailers featured on abc Domino xyz regularly run out items shown in the issue.

Reviewer: Orange County Melissa Rubio, FIDM Library Staff Member