January 2007

The Starbucks Experience 5 Principles For Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

McGraw-Hill Companies

  • Two Penn Plaza
  • New York , NY


abc The Starbucks Experience – 5 Principles For Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary xyz is more than just a management “how to” on turning out happy employees or how to create a better working environment. This particular book captures the essence of what has taken Starbucks from the little coffee shop at Seattle’s Pike’s Peak Market in Seattle to a multi-national success story with over 11,000 stores worldwide. Included within are ways of motivating your employees, how to create a productive working environment and how to be a good corporate citizen. Customer satisfaction is also a major tenet of the Starbucks business model. They believe that consistency is of primary importance in keeping their customers coming back day after day and that this is not achieved merely by happenstance. 

Michelli outlines five principles that can be applied to your career or business:

Principle 1: Make It Your Own
Principle 2: Everything Matters
Principle 3: Surprise And Delight
Principle 4: Embrace Resistance
Principle 5: Leave Your Mark

Each one of these principles is outlined in its own chapter explaining each principle in detail and giving examples of how Starbucks has applied these theories in the day-to-day running of their company. This book is very easy to read and the suggestions Michelli are applicable not only to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, but small business owners and professionals from all walks of life.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member