January 2005

STEP inside design Magazine

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Design From The Inside Out…

Are you a graphic designer looking for a great resource to keep you up-to-date and in the know on your particular field? Or are do you consider yourself a creative person looking to see how different aspects of design are influencing different products and business all around you? Well then it is time for you to pick up an issue of STEP abc into design xyz Magazine and watch your dreams become fulfilled. This magazine is completely dedicated to design and its many applications in our everyday lives.

Recent features in the magazine include:

  • Soft & Hard Wares – The Latest And Greatest Gadgets
  • The Good Book – From Annuals To Manuals
  • Type- Meet The Letterheads
  • Next – Design Industry News That Matters
  • Design Solutions – When Paper Makes The Project

Commercial to residential and electric to human powered are all covered in this great periodical. Besides the regular sections such as “The Editors Choice” and “In Review”, you will find great articles on things like choosing the right type for your project, searching for resources online, and much more. The magazine is also laid out to compliment the products and design styles that are featured. Inspiration and sourcing can be found on almost every page, leaving you with a new perspective for current and future projects. So if you are looking a resource that focuses on design in any medium, pick up a copy of STEP abc inside design xyz Magazine today.

Reviewer: Peter Davis, FIDM Library Staff Member