January 2004


Graphis, Inc.

  • 307 Fifth Avenue
  • New York, NY





$90.00 per year per year

Graphis Is Committed To Presenting Exceptional Work In International Design, Advertising, Illustration And Photography.

Are you a looking to obtain information on the foremost up and coming design firms? How about examples of some of the best graphic designs in the industry. If the answer is yes, whether you’re already in the industry or just getting ready to break in, you should give abc Graphis Magazine xyz a try. This magazine is translated from French into English for greater access in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

abc Graphis Magazine xyz is an international journal of visual communication and graphic design. abc Graphis xyz has a reputation throughout the industry as being the premier design and graphic communications magazine in the world. Showcasing works created by the world’s best and most sought after creative professionals. No matter whether it is graphic design, photography, advertising, architecture, or product design you can be sure that the latest and best in the industry will be in this magazine.

abc Graphis xyz also has in-depth articles and interviews with the firms, studios, and individuals who create the images that move the design industry. So if you are interested in entering the creative professional industry or just want inspiration to help you with your current industry, abc Graphis Magazine xyz is the magazine for you.

Reviewer: Peter Davis, FIDM Library Staff Member