January 2003



Beauty On Your Own Terms

For all of you out there with Internet access, forget about picking up another beauty magazine next to the cashier at the supermarket. abc Substance.com xyz has all the secrets and sought-after expert advice most periodicals try to cover plus much more. You will simply be amazed at the amount of information about hair, skin, and makeup that are just a few clicks away.

abc Substance.com xyz features include:

  • How to look like a star
  • Date-night makeup looks
  • How to find the right hairstyle
  • Makeup directions for the season
  • Tips for having better skin

One of the most attractive elements of this website is called "freebies and deals." Available within this section you can receive everything from fragrance samples to details on receiving a free haircut at a Bumble and Bumble salon. Also well worth the trip are the product reviews that are compiled by both readers and editors. With this valuable information you can make an informed buying decision before reaching the store.

abc Substance.com xyz was created with your interests in mind. This website invites feedback, as well as providing message boards and newsletter links. If you are interested in improving your appearance or just looking for some beauty tips, this website is well worth a peek!

Reviewer: Glenda Ronduen, FIDM Library Staff Member