January 2003

Ornament Magazine

Ornament Incorporated

  • P.O. Box 452
  • Mount Morris, IL



"The Art and Craft of Personal Adornment"

abc Ornament xyz is a quarterly publication and a wonderful source for inspiration. Within this magazine a wide array of beadwork, wearable art, high-end crafts, jewelry and other handwork created by artisans from around the world are highlighted. Founded in 1974, abc Ornament xyz has made an important contribution to the arts community. The intricacy revealed in the artwork and photographs is one great reason to give it a read.

Other reasons include feature articles that range from reviews of museum and craft shows as well as interviews with artists such as: Meg Johnson, who has spent 20 years as a textile designer to create exquisite chiffon coats, jackets, and wraps using silk-organza with hand-dyed colors and rhythmic surface designs.

abc Ornament xyz is also a great source to learn more about personal adornment from different cultures around the world. For example you can explore the Wounaan tribe in Panama and their Tuagua Nut Ornaments or venture to the Guizhou Province in China for their display of Miao Metal Weaving and Embroidery.

Quarterly issues feature the following articles:

  • Exhibitions/Museums
  • Artists Statement
  • Ancient/Ethnic Art
  • The Marketplace

abc Ornament xyz emphasizes the beauty of personal adornment. The art seen through the pictures and articles have made this publication a beautiful, informative, creative and exciting magazine.

Reviewer: Beverlee Cabral, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.D.