January 2003

Clubspotting: A Journey Into Club Culture

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A Journey Into Club Culture

In the 1990s electronic music spread across the globe increasing in popularity year after year. Multi-cultural influences could be heard with each emerging style of techno sound. Club culture, which used to be known as an underground movement, took its hold on modern day society.

abc Clubspotting xyz embraces and celebrates this era by reviewing different artistic mediums affected and inspired by electronica. A decade ago, flyers were enhanced to show breakthroughs in graphic design. In the new millennium, we find flyers to be just one of many forms portraying the electronic revolution. Inside this book one can find a collection of images used to represent the global club scene. Graphics from MTV Italy, to Japanese illustrations, this book encompasses current trends along side text.

abc Clubspotting xyz is the collaboration of two friends based in Italy. They have succeeded in properly representing and educating the masses to the type of realm they co-exist in. Not stopping here, a new book has recently been released as a continuation. Check out abc Clubspotting xyz 2.0.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member