February 2013



TALA (The Textile Association of Los Angeles) is an organization made up of textile companies, importers, agents, and sales reps. Their mission, according to their website, "is to provide valuable business resources to the global world of textile companies, sales reps, manufacturers, importers, agents, and allied associations, and to navigate the landscape of world trade."

The TALA website is an invaluable resource for fashion designers and manufacturers, primarily those working in Southern California. In the "Textile Resource Directory" on the site, you will find information on where to purchase all sorts of fabric, from cotton to wool, leather to lace. The contact information for the suppliers is updated frequently. Under the "Professional Services" link, you will find lists of manufacturers, attorneys, banks and other useful services to those in the business. Another section called the "TALATimes" provides articles on current issues affecting the textile and fashion industries, like trends in e-commerce sales and cotton prices in India. There is also a very useful list of trade shows and other industry events, both domestic and international.

The TALA website is a fantastic resource for those doing business in fashion and its related industries, both in Southern California and beyond.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Valerie Muscarella