February 2013

Reminisce Magazine

Reiman Media Group

  • 5400 S. 60th Street
  • Greendale, WI



8 issues/yr

27.93 per year

Reminisce is a new periodical that we subscribe to at the Los Angeles campus library. This magazine "brings back the good times," offering a wonderful peek into mid-20th century cultural history through stories that take place from 1920 to the 1960s. The stories are accompanied by original historical photographs . What makes Reminisce unique is that most of the stories and photos were sent in by readers. Some fun features are "Ads from the Old Days" and "I've Kept It All These Years" (short stories on mementos and memorabilia). There are also family stories, childhood memories, old recipes, and cartoons.

This magazine would be a helpful resource for students studying past decades. One reader noted that "Reminisce magazine (especially the photographs) is proving invaluable by giving me something to discuss with my 92-year-old mom."

The website includes great pictures from the past, and an email newsletter is also available there for free sign-up.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Ruth Chung