February 2012



Laconservancy.org is the official website of the LA Conservancy, a non–profit membership organization created to preserve and revitalize historic architectural resources in Los Angeles. This group was created in 1978 in an effort to prevent the demolition of the historic Los Angeles Public Library (which just happens to be down the street from FIDM).

One of most interesting features of this website is the walking tours. For instance, you can sign up to tour art deco highlights of Los Angeles, Union Station, and Angeleno Heights, among others. Tours are $5 for Conservancy members (reason enough to join!) and $10 for non–members. Under Preservation Issues, there is a list of action alerts regarding buildings of historical significance that are under some sort of threat. Currently of concern are the Tower Records Building, the Century Plaza Hotel, and Clifton’s Cafeteria, to name a few. All of these iconic edifices are inarguably part of the fabric of Southern California heritage and culture.

There is a special dedication to the magnificent Broadway Historic Theatre District. The photography is a fantastic digital record of downtown Los Angeles and the grand, beautiful theatres that made up this street. The Conservancy calls it "Bringing Back Broadway".

This website is extremely easy to navigate and is a useful tool for those who are interested in the history of Los Angeles as well as anyone who wants to find out more about architecture, photography, and interior design. LA Conservancy and their website aim to uphold the history of one of the greatest cities in the United States.

Reviewed by FIDM Library Staff Member Monika Earle