February 2011



Those familiar with Twitter and interested in design might be interested in Pinterest, a website created in 2010 that acts as a visual Twitter. Rather than a limited character tweet, an image is published with a caption and a link. The image is saved on a page you can create for a specific subject and can be clicked on to get back to where the image was originally found on the internet. In the language of Pinterest, users "pin" an image from the internet or "repin" other users' images onto a board they have created and named themselves. Not only does Pinterest allow you to keep track of all of your favorite places on the internet, it provides a feed you can adjust by following other users' pins or selecting a subject.

This new site makes it very easy to see what kinds of images users are looking at around the web at any time of the day, and the number of repins and likes quickly summarize an item's popularity. Here are some ideas of how to use Pinterest:

  • A mood board for a design project shared with many people, or just for yourself
  • A personal wish list (prices can be added to appear in the top corner of an image)
  • Collecting images for a particular theme for publication on a blog or in a magazine with a built-in way of keeping track of image credits
  • A steady feed of inspiration from creative people around the globe

Pinterest is still in beta testing, which means they are still improving their features, but an invitation is easy to obtain for anyone willing to try the site. Many designers, fashion bloggers, and tastemakers in all areas of design use it extensively as part of their process in creating new designs, pulling together content, and making lists.

Reviewer: Caroline Bautista, FIDM Library Staff Member