February 2011


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$10 per year U.S./$40 per year Canada and International per year

abc Wired xyz is an American magazine with an online supplement ( abc Wired News xyz at www.wired.com) reporting on digital culture and its effects on society. It currently has two international editions covering the United Kingdom and Italy. abc Wired xyz also has a publishing firm and an additional website named abc HotWired xyz that serves as a companion site.

abc Wired xyz magazine was founded in 1993 by American journalist Louis Rossetto. Rossetto, a former novelist, used $30,000 to launch the monthly publication. What abc Wired xyz offered was an introduction to the changing times of our world before the internet era actually set in. abc Wired xyz was a pioneer of sorts and has continued to outlive competitors that sprung up well after its debut. From the cell phone revolution to computer hacking, abc Wired xyz magazine has been a constant presence offering support and insight into the latest advances in technology and its potential to weave into our daily lives.

For all its groundbreaking coverage, abc Wired xyz has won several awards and its own online presence has spawned the creation of other sites. This magazine has been lauded for the creation of new trend words such as 'crowdsourcing' and for having issued a Tablet edition of the magazine on the iPad.

The magazine has changed ownership more than once and is currently owned by Condé Nast ( abc Wired News xyz alone was purchased for $25 million).

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member