February 2010

Current Biography

H.W. Wilson Company

  • 950 University Avenue
  • Bronx, NY




Monthly except December

$180 per year U.S. and Canada/$220 foreign per year

abc Current Biography xyz is an American-based magazine that contains up-to-the-minute profiles on individuals whose personal fame emerges from their contribution to entertainment, business, fashion, sports, etc. It is a magazine that is published every month except in December, when all published profiles are updated and printed in an annual yearbook.

abc Current Biography xyz first emerged in 1940. Its publisher, H.W. Wilson Company, was founded in 1898 and specializes in publishing books of reference. Current Biography became a natural progression from conducting cross-reference researching and indexing. The articles are written or put together by in-house staff members. Many of the articles are accumulated by a variety of press accounts on the subject. Typically, each edition of abc Current Biography xyz features from 15-20 profiles. Each short bio consists of a basic black-and-white photograph accompanied with contact information (normally an agency or a representative). Each biography seeks to inform the reader of the main points within the individual’s life and/or career. The subject matter is documented in a way that allows for the reader to walk away with a strong foundation of information about that person.

Current Biography is an insider’s guide to popular culture and beyond. It serves as a tool for school assignments or even as a basis for professional writers.

Reviewer: Francisco Murillo, FIDM Library Staff Member