February 2009

Fashion Theory

Berg Publishers

  • 81 St. Clements Street, 1st Floor Angel Court




Four issues per year

$290/£160 per year

The Journal of Dress, Body & Culture

Fashion isnt only about glamorous clothes, haughty designers and runway shows. Nor is it all-encompassed in manufacturing and distribution of apparel. Fashion has a far-reaching range into almost all aspects of life: personal style, group identity, sociological trends. My personal interest in fashion has never been what we wear, but rather abc why xyz we wear it.

abc Fashion Theory: The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture xyz has always been one of my favorite reads in the world of fashion. Published by Berg and edited by the illustrious Valerie Steele (director of the museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and responsible for such famous books as abc The Corset: A Cultural History, China Chic: East Meets West xyz , and most recently abc Gothic: Dark Glamour xyz ), Fashion Theory is one of the few peer-reviewed journals to address fashion from a critical and academic standpoint. The journal offers itself as a forum for critical analysis of all fashion-related subjects, “from footbinding to fashion advertising.” Recent issues covered such topics as the aesthetics of arms & armor, the popular appeal of vintage fashion, and the age-old question “is fashion art?” Special double issues group together articles on unifying themes, such as Muslim fashion, abc Vogue xyz magazine, or tattooing.

abc Fashion Theory xyz is not for the faint of heart. Unlike the more traditional fashion magazines, the focus of this journal is research and scholarship. Articles are peer-reviewed and academic in nature. It is not a magazine to casually flip through on a lunch break until a flashy image catches your eye. The articles in abc Fashion Theory xyz are for reading seriously and contemplating, inspiring us to ask and answer questions about the sociological impacts of our style. abc Fashion Theory xyz was not designed to tell us what people are wearing–we have Vogue for that–but abc Fashion Theory xyz can help us learn and understand why. For how can we expect to successfully participate in an industry of clothing design, manufacture, and trade, if we dont first understand why people wear these items at all?

Reviewer: Rachel Clarke, FIDM Library Staff Member