February 2008

IdN Magazine

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International Designers Network

This is a magazine for designers looking for inspiration.  While some graphic design magazines boast stellar work from well-known artists, abc IdN xyz has chosen to build each issue around a particular style or subject matter that pertains to graphic design.  Among the latest of their themes are collage, black and white, and music.  Along with features like birthday celebrations for fonts and highlights from the design work coming out of a particular geographical region, they often present the same interview questions to several different designers or design firms to highlight the many different ways to approach their different themes.

They also include an incredible amount of typos per issue, but this must be because the information is so cutting edge and quick to go to press that they don't have time to worry about grammar.  Graphic design students should take note that they are now dedicating a few of the last pages of each issue to showcasing student work.

Reviewer: Caroline Bautista, FIDM Library Staff Member