February 2006


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Monthly except for June and December per year

What’s In Store

Shop Etc. is a magazine geared towards the sophisticated woman. Each page pops with new ideas and tips. Each item shown in the magazine is accompanied with information on where to buy each piece as well as the cost. No more flipping to the back of the magazine to search for that amazing strapless dress. abc Shop Etc. xyz also gives helpful tips in an insightful question and answer column, "Can I Help You". Fashion Director, Kim Dimmock, offers personal suggestions to queries about party dresses, jewelry, perfume and more. Each answer is complete with product names and where to find them and of course the most important part; how much is looking fab-u-lous going for these days?

The magazine is divided into Departments:

  • Fashion
  • Home
  • Beauty

Not only is this magazine all about personal style and looking like a million dollar bills, it will also help you transform your itty-bitty apartment into an episode of MTV’s Cribs.

The beginning of each department has a page-by-page index to help you find everything. abc Shop Etc. xyz breaks everything down even further by department by pointing out each of their best finds.

  • Hot Website
  • Hot Catalog
  • Smartchecks (Deals and $$ off)
  • Our Favorites (Recommended)
  • Brilliant Buy (Best Value for $$)
  • Top Floor (Shop Etc. Exclusive)

abc Shop Etc. xyz is the very best of shopping. The part of shopping that gives you a warm, happy feeling without ever having to make a trip to the mall.

Reviewer: Melissa Rubio, FIDM Library Staff Member, O.C.