February 2006

Chip Kidd Work Book One: 1986-2006

Rizzoli International Publications, Inc.

  • 300 Park Avenue South. 3rd Floor
  • New York , NY


abc Chip Kidd Work Book One: 1986 - 2006 Book One xyz is a fascinating read regarding the life’s work of book cover designer Chip Kidd. Kidd tells of being a young student, struggling to be an artist and instead choosing to take a chance on a new field entitled Graphic Design. Not only does he tell his personal story, but his professional as well, working through each of his book covers from 1986 - 2006. He leads the reader through each piece, giving us the inspiration and the back story for every design.

Over 400 pages of full color photography make this book a delight for the eyes. Kidd is known for his unexpected use of type, as well as arresting photography, so there is something new on every page. Beside the book covers are paragraphs by the authors in question, giving their opinion on Kidd’s work, whether the loved it, hated it, or just couldn't decide what to make of it.

This book is a must read for anyone interested in commercial design. Kidd shows how he is able to marry art and commerce, while still keeping himself interested and excited about his profession.

Reviewer: Sophie Lalazarian, FIDM Library Staff Member