February 2005

Paper Magazine

Paper Publishing Company

  • 365 Broadway, 6 th Floor,
  • New York, NY





$14.95 per year per year

Hardly another fashion/lifestyle/art magazine, abc Paper xyz is a fantastic voyage through a graphic landscape sprinkled with hip takes on what’s happening. Devoid of presumption, Paper easily blends in photos of star-studded events without the fuss of gossipy weeklies. Tech news is readable without an advanced degree in computer science, and the business news doesn’t drip with the corrupt lingo found only on Wall-Street. Topics we might have once found puzzling, even boring, are given a glittery new wrapping.

What about the gossip hungry? Dying for a fix of tabloid worthy bits and pieces? Paper knows that along with insightful journalism and out of the blue news, the people want to know…where are all the coolest parties in NYC?! Tucked between eye-brow raising ads and too-good to put down interviews, is PM, “ New York’s Nightlife Tabloid”.

abc Paper Magazine xyz packs into a mini-magazine a few “gotta” know details of the Big Apple.

  • Restaurants, where you can find the most carb laden noodles and the most decadently sinful desserts in town.
  • Shake your bon-bon nightclubs and live shows so good you’ll swear to never buy another CD again.
  • Where some of the best cocktails are shaken, not stirred.

For those into the art scene, abc Paper Magazine xyz squeezes in mini reviews of some afternoon worthy galleries and openings. And for the thespian in everyone, a quick review of the must sees on the New York stage, including dates, times and most importantly, the wallet damage to expect for a night of culture in N-Y-See. Although it concentrates primarily on New York, abc Paper xyz allows every reader to take an evening stroll along trendy neighborhoods, sip a cold martini (if you’re over 21) at a plush bar, escape into an art gallery on a rainy New York day, and attend the opening of a favorite new boutique without ever having to leave the West Coast sunshine.

Reviewer: Melissa Rubio, FIDM Library Staff Member, O.C.