February 2004

Lofts of Paris

Tectum Publishers

  • Godefriduskaai, 22 B-2000
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Tectum is publisher seven books on the lofts of seven European cities. abc Lofts of Paris xyz is the fourth in the series in which the text is kept to a minimum, so that the photographs can speak for themselves. And speak they do, from a charming 1937 barge, decked out in period furnishings to an underground basement and former theater workshop, transformed into a peaceful and serene living space.

In a broad spectrum of industrial sites and workshops, the spaces highlighted in abc Lofts of Paris xyz show the amazing resources that come into play to turn a blank slate into a creative and sometimes exotic home or workshop. Found in working-class neighborhoods such as Bastille, Belleville and Menilmontant, they offer a new way of looking at interior design.

For students and professionals, this book is filled with ideas and inspiration. From space saving to organizing there is a wealth of visual versatility. Ideas for incorporating color and texture range from spare and sleek modern to “scavenging with style”, to a former cold storage warehouse, transformed into an ornate and theatrical Italian palace.

abc Lofts of Paris xyz will not provide its reader with information on decorating, but will expand the creative process. A brief history of lofts reinforces the fact that the use of abandoned studios and former industrial spaces is a relatively new development. With its history and development as a jumping-off point, the love of the loft is explored and presented. Any preconceived notions that a loft is a problematic space, is quickly replaced with the transforming idea that a loft is a space to carry out dreams of true beauty and comfort.

Reviewer: Cynthia Aaron, FIDM Library Staff Member