February 2003



This textile and apparel industry website provides daily news, features, and research capabilities for beginners, advanced professionals, and even casual browsers inclusive of international markets. It is filled with so many substantial discussions and outstanding features it is hard to believe that such a vast resource could also contain a section for the abc Top News Headlines xyz .

Some notable points of interest on this website include:

  • abc Top News Headlines xyz , which includes time sensitive articles relevant to the textile and apparel industries.
  • abc Report of the Week xyz , which highlights the outlook of world trade and production for apparel and textile industries.
  • abc Feature of the Week xyz , which focuses on a newsworthy industry leader.
  • abc Latest Features xyz , which holds full-length, stories dealing with topics from frontline exporters to the latest in textile trends.
  • abc Internal search engine labeled Research xyz that allows for a search by: -Category (footwear, menswear) and for example Nike or the U.S. jeans market.

There are additional items such as a calendar of events titled " abc Future events xyz ", which contains a list of international activities unique to the apparel and textile industries; as well as in depth discussions posted up-to-the-minute by industry professionals. This website is a very focused and significant source of knowledge for the apparel and textile enthusiast as well as the industry professional.

Reviewer: Jesse Negrete, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.D.