February 2003

Allure Magazine

Conde Nast Publications

  • 4 Times Square
  • New York, NY



$35.88/year per year

Allure - The Beauty Expert

Allure exposes it’s readers to current trends in fashion and cosmetics. It offers professional advice that ranges from how to improve your appearance with beauty and fashion tips to highlighting the hairstyle and product trends for the current season.

Regular features provided by the panel of experts at Allure include:

  • abc Celebrity stakeout xyz - What your favorite actresses have been wearing on the red carpet.
  • abc Fashion Cravings xyz - How to get that designer item you’ve seen on the runway for less money.
  • abc Beauty Insider xyz - The latest colors, professional tips, and product recommendations.
  • abc Beauty 101 xyz - Beauty tips one feature at a time, from eyebrows to facial creams.
  • abc Makeovers xyz - The best makeup and hairstyle for your skin tone, facial shape, and personality.

This magazine contains great suggestions for hair, face and body products as well as tips for getting the most up-to-date looks. It also offers commentary on the most recent fashion shows, often offering less expensive alternatives for those on a budget. Allure is geared towards any woman that is interested in keeping up with what is happening in the world of beauty and fashion. It appeals to different interests, and is a great source to keep anyone looking lovely and stylish.

Reviewer: Diana Valdéz, FIDM Library Staff Member, O.C.