February 2003

Interior Design in 20th-Century America: A History

Harper and Row Publisher, Inc. (currently Haper Collins)

  • 10 East 53rd Street
  • New York , NY


The Evolution of Interior Design

This book is a well-written overview that provides a history of Interior Design from the 1900s to the 1980s - decade by decade. This book is essential for all "designers" which includes interior designers, architects, furniture dealers, and graphic designers just to name a few. Readers will acquire a chronological perspective into the evolution of Interior Design as well as an understanding on how the past influenced today’s design elements.

Decade by decade, the most important factors that affected these changes are listed; from the industrial revolution to the challenge of preservation and recycling. abc Interior Design In The 20th Century xyz contributes to the insight and understanding of this profession by including profiles of major designers that include basic biographical information, descriptions and significant evaluation of their influence on the field of design.

abc Interior Design in 20th-Century America xyz was made possible by a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts. Easily accessible and informative, every chapter in this book enlightens while entertaining, contributing to the understanding of the history of Interior Design.

Reviewer: Varinia Rangel, FIDM Library Staff Member