February 2002


Princeton University Press

  • 41 William Street
  • Princeton , NJ


Building Brands...

When you see a particular brand name does it make you want to taste it? Drink it? Wear it? Buy it? In abc Brand.New xyz we are shown how products are identified through their branding. Companies such as Levi-Strauss, Diesel, and Coca-Cola are examples discussed by sociologists, designers, and historians. Analyzing consumer behavior and creating a successful brand image are conveyed in a few ways within this book:

  • A business' perception as a brand. Two important areas discussed are the impact of a product forgotten by consumers and the risks associated with branding such as not meeting a customers expectations.
  • The shopping environment. How the marketplace evolved into the department store and suburban mall and how this has impacted purchasing behavior.
  • Self-identification. The product a consumer chooses not only establishes a relationship with that article but also defines his or her lifestyle and personality.

abc Brand.New xyz gives a global illustration of brands, designs, and consumer habits. If you are interested in advertising, marketing and product design, brand.new is of great significance.

Reviewer: Roseanna Garcia., FIDM Library Staff Member