December 2010

Old House Interiors Magazine

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abc Old House Interiors xyz is a period-inspired home design magazine, established in 1995. Whether Victorian revival, Arts and Crafts, or rural seventeenth century, this magazine covers the historic past with an eye for contemporary living. With a wide selection of articles, products, and ideas, it is an asset to professional and amateur designers alike who want to utilize the knowledge packed within its pages.

Sections featured in the magazine are News and Views, Furnishings, Sources, and more. Articles in the December 2010 issue include abc Melancholic Mystery xyz ; a photographic journey by Brian Vanden Brink through the ruins of once grand homes, now gathered and put together in his book called abc Ruin: Photographs of a Vanishing America xyz . abc 18th Century Massachusetts xyz covers the renovation of a lovingly furnished home built in 1732 in rural Massachusetts.

Another article is called abc Past and Present Company xyz by Jim Stout, an antiques collector and old-house detective who faithfully re-designed a Victorian house in Berwick, Pennsylvania. Stout furnished the house to the specifications laid out by the original owner based on her journals and evidence of the original paint and wallpapers found in the house.

Also in abc Old House Interiors xyz , a feature called History Gardens shows drawings of different kinds of garden trellis designs used for vines in the historical past. The magazine also features Designer Specs, an ad index and resource listings for various types of old house materials. This informative and useful publication is an asset to any designer’s library.

Reviewer: Cynthia Aaron, FIDM Library Staff Member