December 2009

abc The Rose Sheet xyz is a weekly print newsletter that provides executives in the toiletries, fragrances and skin care industries with in-depth analysis of regulatory, legislative, scientific, retailer/e-tailer, financial, marketing and legal news. It covers everything from new product introductions and line extensions to marketing campaigns, promotions, and advertising. The newsletter also features a regular list of recently published cosmetic product trademarks.

FIDM libraries subscribe to the print version of abc The Rose Sheet xyz , but articles are as available online via the website, While only subscribers have access to the full text articles online, the website is a great tool for quickly and easily researching topics that might have appeared in earlier print copies of abc The Rose Sheet xyz .

For example, if you were looking for articles about cosmetics testing on animals, you could page through newsletter after newsletter looking for articles, but that would take lots of time and be quite inefficient. But on, you can quickly search for the articles.

Type your topic (for example, “animal testing”) into the search box. Then if you click on the grey box labeled “More Options,” narrow your search by checking the box next to “The Rose Sheet.” This will ensure only articles from that newsletter are returned in the results. Click “Search” and the titles and portions of the articles will appear, with your search terms highlighted in yellow. This way you can quickly and easily see if the articles are relevant to your needs. The date of the newsletter is given in the right column, so you can come to the library and go directly to that issue to find the article you seek. If you need the article immediately, you also have the option to purchase it directly from the website.

abc The Rose Sheet xyz is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the beauty or cosmetics industries. Anyone with an interest in these fields would do well to browse the newsletter regularly, but when you need to find a specific article or information on a topic quickly, the search on is the fastest and easier way to go.

Reviewer: Rachel Clarke, FIDM Library Staff Member