December 2009

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abc Smithsonian xyz magazine is a monthly publication produced by the Smithsonian Institution, the educational and research institute located in Washington, DC. The Smithsonian consists of 19 museums and a zoo in our nation’s capital and in Virginia. The accompanying magazine gives concise and thoroughly researched articles which teach us in an entertaining way. How did Arlington Cemetery come to be placed where it is? What is the real story behind John Brown’s raid? Ever wonder about the discovery of the famous Terra Cotta warriors in China? This magazine is like taking a college course and traveling the world without the ensuing time and cost.

The Smithsonian is the place to go for:

  • History & Archeology
  • People & Places
  • Science & Nature
  • Arts & Culture
  • Travel

Reviews of such iconic artistic figures as Ansel Adams and Jackson Pollack are also included. For those that can't subscribe to the magazine, there is a wonderful website - Now you can investigate most of the wonderful content of abc Smithsonian xyz magazine for free. This magazine is a cheaper and easier alternative to trying to get through all 19 Smithsonian museums during a quick vacation to Washington, DC. Just in time for the holidays you will find articles such as the safe way to stuff your turkey and a celebration of the homemade holiday card. This magazine is a fun and entertaining way to enjoy the American treasure which is the Smithsonian, and a great way to learn.

Reviewer: Monika Earle, FIDM Library Staff Member