December 2007

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Transforming Traditional Crafts

If you're a devotee of the D.I.Y. movement, or just aspire to reduce your mass-produced consumption, this publication is for you. Each issue of abc Craft xyz focuses on a broad topic, such as Japanese style, or paper as a medium, and interprets this topic through crafty projects and articles. Common themes are responsible consumerism and unexpected and creative transformations of everyday materials.

Beyond discussing the given topic, articles in each issue feature profiles of notable artists, crafters, and events. The skill level required for the projects ranges widely, so whether you dabble in crochet, or have a carpentry shed in your backyard, there will be something in each issue that you can do. Projects range from how to make quick-spring chopsticks, to how to make a pirate costume for your dog, to how to make LED-infused clothing.

As Carla Sinclair, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief describes, “Traditional crafting practices and techniques are still the foundation for what we're doing, yet we're also incorporating technology, creative recycling, innovative materials and process. There’s a fun sense of irony, irreverence, and attitude in our mission.” Go forth and craft!

Reviewer: Anna Wilcoxon, FIDM Library Staff Member