December 2005

Dynamic Graphics

Dynamic Graphics Group

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  • Peoria , IL




$36.00 per year/$48.15 Canada per year

What’s one of the most underrated, yet most helpful graphic design magazines for a student studying design? Did you say abc Dynamic Graphics xyz ? Oh, so you know about it then. Well, do you know WHY it’s helpful?

abc Dynamic Graphics xyz is abc the xyz magazine for abc the xyz student interested in learning how to design something to look great instead of just looking at examples of great design. Each issue features short articles about:

  • Color: Ideas on harmony, balance and printing.
  • Type: Do’s and Dont’s
  • Identity makeovers: Before and after examples of redesigned business logos, websites, etc.
  • Work/business management: Solutions to real-world work problems such as stress-management, business promotion, etc.

abc Dynamic Graphics’ xyz emphasis is definitely on short. The magazine comes in at under 80 pages and their features are concise, informative and free of the self-absorption that is prevalent in other titles. The current issue has a tremendous feature on hand lettering as well as a write-up on how to build a great type library. On the final page, you’ll even find an explanation of why they chose this particular cover design as well as the other options they were considering. How many other magazines do that?

Reviewer: Brian Seguin, FIDM Library Staff Member, S.F.